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Come See Results of Your Work: Wrap-up presentation Tuesday night

Jun 20, 2011

Tuesday night at 7 p.m. at the Holiday Inn, the Mission Road project team presents the products of seven days of study and design to enliven the high-potential/low-performing district around the intersection of Macleod Trail and Mission Road.

Over the last week, a design team led by Andrés Duany has listened to residents and business people, consulted with City of Calgary staffers and tested and refined ideas. The Tuesday-night presentation features the results of that process.

For a look back at the steps that have led to the team’s concluding proposals, check out the posts immediately preceding this one. Session presentations and summary notes can be found in the DOCUMENTS section. And an overview of the goals of the project is in the column to the immediate right.

The original study area of the district has expanded during the week to include some of the adjacent neighborhoods, including an industrial area to the east of Macleod Trail. To further bolster the energy of the revamped Mcleod Trail/Mission Road hub, the team supports a move of the existing transit stop farther north towards the intersection. And designers are introducing a London mews-style architecture in units behind modest proposed retail on the north side of Mission Road.

Among the true innovations in the Innovation Project proposal is the potential to address one of the property owners’ and developers’ big gripes: the onerous nature of the permitting process. Even the City of Calgary staffers who attended during the week were eager for alternatives.

The team will propose incentives for plans that meet the City’s requirements for an Innovation Project — essentially those that help create a complete neighbourhood with walkable access to a variety of commercial options as well as retail. If the project satisfies City goals, it will enjoy expedited permitting.

Tuesday-night attendees will also see a variety of illustrations that better illustrate the proposal and some of the architectural options, which Mayor Nenshi reviewed Monday evening:

Plan to be there. And bring your friends.

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    This is the moment we’ve all been planning towards.

    Beginning Wednesday, June 15, 2011, citizens, landowners, and City staff sat down with an international consulting team to translate years worth of lessons learned into a plan for healthy growth along Mission Road. Just as important, they used this week-long planning workshop as a test run for how Calgary's residents, business people, and government might better go about charting the future of our neighbourhoods together.

    That’s why we’ve described this project as: Neighbours on a mission. In reality, we’re all neighbours. And we have to work together to get where we want to go. Read more here.