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City Staffers Open to New Approaches: Options explored with residents, project team

Jun 17, 2011

Mission Road residents and property owners made it clear during Wednesday-night and Thursday meetings that they could be enthusiastic about a vision to convert the Mission Road sector into a more active mixed-use environment. For them, the big IF had to do with what they perceived as a City bureaucracy that might resist change.

On Friday, the City staffers who enforce the rules that shape development and redevelopment joined the discussion. And they seemed as eager as property owners and developers to try a different route. It helps, of course, that the staffers’ bosses, the City’s Board of Aldermen, have heard the cries of frustration from their constituents and are endorsing a pilot process to simplify rules and expedite development that meets community standards.

The Mission Road charrette is that pilot process. “You have a mayor and a city council that’s determined to make (those changes) come about,” said Alderman Gian-Carlo Carra. To get a sense of the City’s commitment, check out the overview column to the immediate right by Carra, and from the mayor here.

So now that everyone — the community, developers and property owners, and City officials — seem on the same wave length, what happens next?

Saturday, the project team will react to what they’ve heard with tentative sketches and coding approaches. They’ll literally pin-up the ideas for the community to critique. And from that feedback, the team will correct and refine the work in progress for a similar Sunday pin-up. Go to the SCHEDULE + DIRECTIONS tab on the toolbar above for times and places.

The end product of all that testing and refinement will be the final presentation on Tuesday, June 21, at the Holiday Inn.

To catch up quickly on the process so far, peruse the posts preceding this one and check out the meeting reports in the DOCUMENTS section. Come to the pin-ups on Saturday and Sunday to give the project team your feedback. And don’t miss the Tuesday wrap-up presentation.

One Response to “City Staffers Open to New Approaches: Options explored with residents, project team”

  1. David Sells says:

    Hi – Based on the feedback from Brian Heninger and Bruce Williams that the old ARP’s essentially became stale dated, it might be best to create an organic plan which is reviewed and updated periodically. I think that this would be preferable to producing a redevelopment plan with a sunset clause. David

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